The Collection

As of the end of 2012, the Katonah Village Library owned:

  • 60,860 books
  • 4,721 audio CDs (books and music)
  • 3,846 DVDs
  • 85 Playaways

The total Adult and Children’s circulation for 2012 was 173,095.

The Library adds over 4,000 new items each year.

The Reference staff addressed approximately 38,000 questions.

Between the Adult and Children’s Departments, the Library sponsored 500 programs.


Children’s Room
The Children’s Room in the Katonah Village Library provides a wide variety of programs for children from infants to upper elementary school age. Story hours are regularly scheduled for lap-sitting babies, toddlers, and three-, four-, and five-year-olds. Older children may participate in craft programs and reading programs.

Not to be forgotten is the huge Summer Reading Game for readers and pre-readers, which has a new and exciting theme every year.  This six-week program makes summer reading fun and challenging.

Special events such as live animal programs, author visits, storytellers, interactive musical performances,  hands-on science workshops, and puppet shows are scheduled throughout the year.  Chess classes are also a favorite for both new and experienced players.

The Children’s Room is home to an astounding collection of dolls in native costumes from all over the world, which were collected by Katonah women in their travels in decades past. Three lighted display cases show off these lovely dolls.

While you’re in the Children’s Room, please say hello to Tina the Turtle. Tina, a Florida River Cooter, was abandoned on the library’s doorstep in the fall of 1991. Following a “Name the Turtle” contest, Tina took up residence on the Children’s Room windowsill. Tina has grown to several times her original size, and has outgrown more than one tank! All of Tina’s expenses are covered by contributions from her friends.
Call the Children’s Room at 232-1233 for more information on programs and services.


Young Adult
The Young Adult department of the Katonah Village Library, known as Teen Time, features an excellent collection of books and audiobooks aimed to interest middle school and high school students.

The Teen Time fiction collection is designed to bridge the gap between children’s books and adult books. Teen books are long on exciting plot elements and short on detailed descriptive writing. (Psst, adults: Sometimes a teen book will perfectly fill your need for an overview of your subject or simply for fun reading.)

The Teen Time area has two computers – a regular PC and a MAC. Adults may use the Teen Time area and computers before 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call the library at 232-3508 and ask for the Teen Librarian for information on upcoming programs.


The Katonah Village Library’s Reference collection is a treasure house of facts and figures. There are many scientific handbooks; political and governmental resources; Federal Census materials; historical, geographical, and critical materials; literary, financial, and multicultural information sources. Service to the public is the mission of the library, and the Reference staff is eager to help you find the facts you need.

The library offers access to online databases that provide access to general information, business, magazines/newspapers, language learning, testing (SAT, civil service, etc.), job searching, storytelling, and downloadable audiobooks & e-books for adults, students, and pre-K.

Call the Reference Librarian at 914-232-3508 or email for more information on reference materials, online databases, searching the Internet, genealogy searching, and that one question that does not seem to have an answer. We will try to answer it for you.


Special Collections
The Katonah Village Library has several subject specialties. Partly due to the long association between the Katonah Museum of Art and the library, there is a fine collection of books pertaining to the visual arts. The library also has a sizable collection of plays. Even if a play is not listed in the online catalog by author or title, it can frequently be found through a search of Play Index. The library also houses a growing collection of titles on theater production, donated by the Katonah Community Theater members.

If you are interested in fishing, you will want to see the library’s assortment of books and videos on freshwater fishing and fly-tying. The library is also known for its fine collection of current travel books covering the entire world. An endowed fund in memory of former Reference Librarian Helen Olson, who died in 1998, provides for the ongoing purchase of large pictorial works featuring both domestic and international destinations.