Which items can you help us purchase? 

$25 New Fiction Book
$30 New DVDs
$35 New Non-fiction Book
$50 Audio book CD
$75 1 hour operating cost for library
$100 4 current hardcover best sellers
$200 1 year subscription to the New York Times
$200 Library T shirts to sell
$300 Digital camera
$350 ‘Sponsor a Sunday’

In the Children’s Room:
$20 New Children’s Book
$30 New Children’s DVD
$30 New Children’s Non-Fiction Book
$300 1 10 week Baby Lap time Series
$500 1 8 week Mother Goose Series

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You can also drop a check in the mail to:
Katonah Village Library/Wish List
26 Bedford Road, 
Katonah New York 10536