The Katonah Village Library welcomes volunteers ages 12-90 from throughout the community, for projects ranging from one-time help with a mailing to long-term commitments.  You will be able to acquire new skills, expand your social horizons, serve in your own town, keep up with the latest books, and help and be appreciated for it. We appreciate your gift of time, whatever it may be and will work with you to make your volunteer time worthwhile.

Contact Information

Why Volunteer?

  • Interest in the Library
  • Eager to help support a community service requirement for school
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others
  • Like the flexible hours
  • Use personal skills, talents and time to help the library better serve the community
  • Friendship, education, recognition and genuine satisfaction in a job well done

Who Can Volunteer?

  • Anyone who likes doing something for the library and the community.
  • Teenagers who may want to just help out or to meet community service requirements for school, church, the scouts, etc.

What Are the Opportunities?

  • Join the Friends of the Library to help the library.
  • Help the library stay organized and become a shelf-reader. The staff is very appreciative of the community members who give a modicum of time every month to help keep the books in order on the shelves.
  • Become one of the Sunday volunteers, so that the library stays open on Sundays during the year from autumn to late spring.
  • Join our troop of Book Sale volunteers who keep making the annual book sale bigger and better organized each year.
  • Help out on an as needed basis with mailings and other clerical needs for the library’s various fund-raising events.
  • Teens can apply to the Children’s Librarian to help the Children’s Room stay organized or help out with other activities.
  • Teens can also help the Teen Librarian with organizing the Teen Time Room, assist with teen programs and do other as-needed projects.
  • Volunteer computer aides are needed to help library patrons learn the basics of using computers and applications, such as e-mail and word processing programs.  We can even use a special corp who are knowledgeable about other electronic devices like e-readers, i-Pads, i-Phones, etc.
  • Be part of a long-term project.  Help archive and index the local newspaper The Bedford-Pound Ridge Record Review.