Gale Virtual Reference Library ** – Access such resources as: American Decades 1900-1999 and 2000-2009; Gale Encyclopedias of Alternative Medicine, Cancer, Children’s Health, Senior Health, and Surgery & Medical Tests; Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life; and Experiment Central: Understanding Scientific Principles Through Projects.

  • Amazing Animals of the World (Grolier) – is for elementary school students and includes facts and photos for over 1,200 animals.
  • America the Beautiful (Grolier) – is for elementary and middle school students and includes articles on US cities, states and Presidents.
  • Encyclopedia Americana (Grolier) – In-depth information for older students and adults.
  • Health Reference Center Academic – Multi-source database provides access to the full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus the wide variety of personal health information sources in InfoTrac’s award-winning Health Reference Center.
  • X-Plain Patient Education Health Tutorials – More than 300 educational videos with basic health information about illnesses or conditions, medical tests and procedures. Versiones en español de este contenido también están disponibles aquí.
  • Lands and Peoples (Grolier) – for middle and high school students and includes articles on countries, cultures and current events. It also includes an atlas and almanacs.
  • Multimedia Encyclopedia (Grolier) – Quick-reference with rich media for middle-school and higher.
  • New Book of Knowledge (Grolier) – Reference and current events for elementary school and higher.
  • The New Book of Popular Science (Grolier) – is for middle and high school students and includes articles in the areas of science, technology and medicine.
  • La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre (Grolier) – a Spanish language encyclopedia written from a Latin American perspective.
  • Oxford Islamic Studies Online – Features reference content and commentary by renowned scholars in areas such as global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture, and is regularly updated as new content is commissioned and approved under the guidance of the Editor in Chief, John L. Esposito. This database has been made possible thanks to the Bridging Cultures Grant. Please note: Home access is not available.

** Requires a Katonah Village Library card


updated 6/1/2015