Meet Victoria Wooters


Victoria Wooters makes a habit of leaving places more beautiful than she found them.

Since she moved to Katonah in 1978, Victoria has been a big supporter of Katonah Village Library, an institution she considers, “the heart of Katonah.” She is also an avid gardener. So in 2013, Victoria saw an opportunity to make the “Library-Gardening Love Connection:” she became Hopp Ground Garden Club’s “site captain” for the Katonah Library’s inner courtyard garden.

Since Hopp Ground maintains several community gardens throughout the Bedford hamlets, Victoria was certainly no stranger to challenging projects. But the KVL garden took “challenging” to a whole ‘nuther level. It consisted of parched land covered in chips, a few daffodils, and six giant stumps from trees removed years earlier. Every time Victoria put her shovel in the ground, she hit very solid objects.

Victoria spoke with the library staff to learn their visions for the garden, researched suitable plant materials, and came up with a plan: attractive trees that would mature to a manageable height; low-maintenance perennial plantings; a garden that would bring color from spring into fall. She presented a thorough proposal to the library’s board, and was given the green light. With the help of Neighbors Link, Victoria put together a team of workers to remove the stumps and roots, and then got to work creating the garden from scratch. The beloved KVL Serenity Garden was born. Victoria and her Hopp Ground colleagues continue to maintain that beautiful space, and it has become one of our patrons’ favorite spots.

Victoria is president of the Hopp Ground Garden Club, a member and past officer of the Women’s Civic Club of Katonah, a clerk and choir member at the Union Church in Pocantico Hills, and one of the organizers of its twice-yearly church fair. Victoria also belongs to two miniaturist clubs.

She was born in Atlanta, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and worked as a fashion designer for eight years. She then moved on to the restaurant and catering industry, owning The Depot in Scarsdale, and catering private parties and events. Her next career was in the radio and TV industry, doing sales for WVIP, WOR and CBS radio — which brought her to a final career in direct marketing for 16 years. Victoria met her husband, Matt, while skiing, and they married in 1990. 

Gardening came into Victoria’s life when she was diagnosed with cancer. While weathering a year of radiation and chemotherapy, she put some seeds in a pot, watched little sprouts poke through the dirt, transferred them outside, and began to garden. She found the process therapeutic, calming, and reassuring. It’s twenty years later, and gardening still gives Victoria great pleasure. And as many who enjoy the fruits of her labors can attest: it shows.