Meet Mary Hoholick

mary-hoholickMary Hoholick does not undertake a job unless she can do it well. And there’s seemingly nothing Mary can’t do well.

Mary and her husband, Dave, have lived in Lake Katonah since 1983. Their two children, Liz and Nick, loved coming to Katonah Library. They enjoyed storytime, and remember Tina the turtle fondly. The entire family especially enjoyed the library’s annual Book Sale, and looked forward to the event every year. 

That’s why when Mary retired from finance in 2007, she left a note at the library’s front desk that she was interested in volunteering at the Book Sale. She immediately received a call from volunteer stalwart, Lynn Lovett, who had been running the sale for years. As luck would have it, Mary raised her hand just as Lynn was looking to pass the supervisory baton. And Lynn knew pretty quickly that Mary had the right stuff. “Lynn didn’t really ask me to take over the Book Sale, so much as appoint me,” Mary recalls.

A formidable project manager, Mary has “created order out of chaos” at KVL’s busy and popular Book Sale. (She also volunteers at the KVL circulation desk on Sundays.) She has found coordinating the Book Sale enjoyable as well as gratifying, especially since it is such an important fundraising stream for the library. ”I’m happy I can contribute to KVL’s success,” she comments. “So much good comes from free libraries. Informed people equal a better society.”

Mary majored in biology and chemistry, graduating from Rutgers’ Douglass College in 1974. She put herself through college working at the Somerset County Medical Center as a phlebotomist, and won the prestigious Freshman Chemistry Prize, an all-state university competitive exam. Impressed with Mary’s exam results, the pathologists at Somerset County Medical Center offered to train her in chemistry. 

Eventually, Mary worked for global medical technology company, Becton Dickinson (where she met her husband, Dave). She moved on to Johnson and Johnson, training a medical diagnostic sales force and troubleshooting with hospital labs. At J&J, she began to enjoy the business side of her job, so decided to earn her MBA in finance from Rutgers. While at business school, she realized how much she enjoyed the quantitative financial courses, so after graduation worked in investment banking at Price Waterhouse, Citibank, and Salomon Brothers. She worked on the trading floor at Salomon Brothers with Mike Bloomberg’s department, and worked with Salomon CEO John Gutfreund. Mary was working at Saloman Brothers when Warren Buffett bought the company, and saw bestselling financial journalist Michael Lewis (The Big Short, Moneyball) come up through the desk onto the training floor. 

Mary’s advice? “Find something that is meaningful. Make a difference. Pick something you believe in, and do that.” We’re all very fortunate that Mary believes in the Katonah Village Library.