Meet Lynn Lovett

Born and raised in the then-bustling city of Poughkeepsie, Lynn Lovett went to boarding school at the age of 13, where she stood out for her love of cooked vegetables (though she had a BLT and malted vanilla shake whenever possible.) After graduating from Barnard, she did work in theater, television, and movies (including in summer stock theater at the Mount Kisco Playhouse in the mid-fifties), before going to work as a film script supervisor for thirty years.

In 1972, Lynn and her husband, Bob, a film editor, moved from West Nyack to Somers, and then, in 2006, into the village of Katonah. Throughout those 30+ years in the area, with much of it spent working and traveling to film locations, Lynn used Katonah Village Library. After Bob donated a pile of books to KVL’s book sale, Lynn was convinced he had given away a book she’d wanted to keep. So she called the library to find out how she could retrieve it. The person on the phone laughed, and told Lynn she was welcome to come take a look in the donation room. When Lynn saw the book room, she understood why the staff member was laughing. Lynn started organizing, and has been here ever since. Lynn is also long-time member of the Hopp Ground Garden Club of Bedford.

A great cook, Lynn learned by making dinner for an apartment full of friends in college. The dinner parties would last until 2 a.m., because she would prepare one course at a time. If stranded on a desert island, Lynn would choose to have Billie Holiday recordings and the Sgt Pepper album, and plenty of clams, oysters, potato chips, and hard cider. For reading material, she’d bring Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past and James Joyce’s Ulysses. If she had the time, Lynn would re-read Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint.