Adult Book Group


We are celebrating 30+ years of reading and meeting. Virginia Fetscher, Assistant Director has been leading this successful Book Discussion Group since 1983.

The Library’s Book Discussion Group meets every three weeks (with occasional one-week lapses due to holidays). The group meets on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM and talks informally about plot, character, motivation, language, and anything else that comes to mind for about an hour before checking out the author’s biographical facts and what critics have had to say about the book under discussion.

Anyone interested is cordially invited to pick up a copy of the upcoming book (lists for future dates and copies of the current book are always available) and join the fun! The books are almost always fiction, with a fair distribution between male and female authors; and a range of publication dates from the nineteenth century up to a few months ago.

Current selections listed below

January 11       Emma Cline           The Girls
February 11    Julian Barnes         The Sense of an Ending
February 22   Elizabeth Strout     Burgess Boys
March 15         Dave Eggers           The Circle
April 15           Melanie Benjamin  The Aviator’s Wife
April 26           Laird Hunt              Neverhome
May 17            Pat Barker              Regeneration


January 20      John Banville      Ancient Light
February 10      Tracey Chevalier      Remarkable Creatures
March 2      Keigo Higashino      Devotion of Suspect X
March 23      Sarah Dunant      Birth of Venus
April 13      Chang-Rae Lee      Native Speaker
May 4      Geraldine Brooks      March
May 25      Monica Ali  In the Kitchen



For lists of books discussed in previous years, please click on the year:

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