2016 Year-End Appeal

Dear Friends,

In ancient Greece, the agora (“gathering place”) was the center of a city’s artistic, spiritual, and political life—the place to share news, to share ideas, to connect. We think Katonah Village Library is the agora for our community. The work we do — on programs and services, and in how we maintain and improve the building that houses them — is aimed at that important civic function. Thanks to your financial contributions over the last 12 months, KVL offered over 200 programs and events for children, teens, and adults in 2016.

And we can’t wait for next year. (Look to the left to see what’s on our librarians’ wish lists for 2017!)

Why Your Donation Matters
We’re good at keeping our costs down: KVL ranks #1 in “lowest operating cost per square foot” of all 38 libraries in the Westchester Library System. While the Town of Bedford generously covers a share of that operating budget, we have to raise the remaining amount — about $210,000 a year — in order to “fill the gap.” And for that, KVL relies on support from people like you.

Please include KVL among your 2016 end-of-year donations. Your financial support will help us keep Katonah Village Library the agora you enjoy coming to.

Katonah Village Library’s staff and trustees wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.


Mary Kane Virginia Lanigan
Director President, Board of Trustees


Our Librarians’ 2017 Wish Lists

Mary Kane
Mary Kane
I’m focused on the installation of ADA-compliant automatic doors at the patron entrances, which will give easy access to the disabled, elderly, and parents wrangling strollers and quick-footed toddlers. The estimated $30k cost will be defrayed by a $12k NY State Construction grant, as well as another $5k from donors during the “paddle raise” at our recent fundraiser. We’re getting close!

Michael Robin Michael Robin
I want to build an adaptable “Creator Space” in the new YA Room, where teens can do everything from robotics to woodworking/sewing/cooking (Yes! A return of “Shop" and "Home Ec!”) I’d like to expand our new musical instrument loan program (patrons donate unwanted instruments; other patrons can then check them out to give a try at home.)

Stephanie Mandella
Stephanie Mandella
I want to offer more mindfulness and yoga classes for children (to enhance flexibility, strength, and coordination, improve concentration, and increase a sense of calmness and relaxation.) I’m also excited to hold a playwriting contest—with a staged reading for the winner (and recruit some of the talented actors and directors in our community to help out!)

Virginia Fetscher
Virginia Fetscher
Preserve KVL’s Sunday hours. Sunday patrons are a different crowd; they’ve been working all week, with Saturdays spent on a bunch of errands. They enjoy Sundays at KVL to read, relax, refuel.